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A campaigner who wants the government to provide gender-neutral passports will have their case heard at the Court of Appeal later.
3 Dec 2019
Please find the speaker presentations from the LRSA Year Ahead Conference 2019Deputy Chief Coroner PresentationScottish Schedule System PresentationEstablishing a Council Owned Funeral Business Presentation European Settlement Scheme PresentationHexham House Presentation Law Commission...
29 Nov 2019
A scheme for more than three million EU citizens to apply to stay in Britain after Brexit is "un-British" and "risks a Windrush-type scenario", according to a Conservative MP.  
29 Nov 2019
Table Discussion Points can be found below:Table Discussion Summary Points - Impact of Interim Certificates Table Discussion Summary Points - Digital Economy Table Discussion Points - Body Removal Contracts 
27 Nov 2019
The Government has been warned it could face a ‘Windrush 2’ as vulnerable older people are failing to apply to the EU settlement scheme (EUSS) in time.LocalGov PoliticsHome
27 Sep 2019
A transgender man who attempted to create legal history by having his baby become the first to legally not have a mother has lost his High Court fight, with the...
27 Sep 2019
New mum jailed for lying about father of baby on birth certificate 'to spite ex'
20 Sep 2019
The Office for National Statistics has published the most popular names for boys and girls in 2018 using birth registration data
30 Aug 2019
The number of suspected sham marriages staged to cheat immigration laws may have multiplied five times over the past decade, a report has revealed
30 Aug 2019
Asthma deaths rise to highest level in 10 years, data shows
13 Aug 2019