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The Times: The red tape of bereavementKate Palmer   Thousands of bereaved relatives are suffering from heartless bureaucracy and inefficiency from banks, utility companies and pension companies as they try...
10 Aug 2020
Emma Pratt's first appointment to register Skye's birth was cancelled due to lockdown
13 Jul 2020
They believed insurance would cover the pandemic but have received demands for thousands
11 May 2020
A group of Tory MPs are calling on the Church of England to ease restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak to allow small-scale funerals in churches.
5 May 2020
Today was supposed to be my wedding day - until Covid-19 intervened. But that won't stop me delivering my groom's speech, so make sure your glass is charged.
5 May 2020
The National Bereavement Partnership, formerly a helpline for parents who had lost children, has been re-opened to help people deal with the coronavirus.Please also see the below:  Cruse Bereavement Care...
29 Apr 2020
You have to wonder if these names will go the way of Gladys or Marjorie
27 Apr 2020
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an order allowing online marriages, as many weddings are cancelled under lockdown restrictions.
20 Apr 2020
Parents who suffer the devastating loss of a child will be entitled to 2 weeks’ statutory leave.
4 Feb 2020
At least seven preventable baby deaths may have occurred at one of the largest groups of hospitals in England since 2016, a BBC investigation has found.
24 Jan 2020