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Immigration enforcement officials will begin giving EU citizens who live in the UK a 28-day warning to apply to remain, the government says.But the Home Office will allow people indefinite...
23 Jun 2021
Deputy registrar Andy Brown, from Ripley, Derbyshire, will oversee the nuptials of his boys Gareth, Elliott and Alex and their partners.The couples' ceremonies were initially cancelled due to coronavirus.The retired...
14 Jun 2021
Under-18 marriages 'thriving' in UK and should be banned, say charities Campaigners have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning of the "invisible but thriving issue" of marriage by parental consent...
6 May 2021
Contrary to fears that the coronavirus pandemic could cause a “baby bust”, the numbers of women in England expecting a baby appear to be on the rise.Maternity statistics collected by...
21 Apr 2021
why lockdown hasn't led to more babiesBBC News Item 
18 Mar 2021
Court upholds ruling that Home Office failed to assess best interests of children in setting the fee
19 Feb 2021
Dozens of MPs have called on the government to improve treatment for grieving families by refining the process of registering a loved one’s death.
5 Feb 2021
Restrictions forcing couples to cancel weddings during the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted "archaic" marriage laws, a legal body has said.
2 Feb 2021
A bridal couple who posed for wedding photographs on railway tracks in North Yorkshire have been condemned by Network Rail.
20 Oct 2020
A venue has been fined £10,000 after it was found to be hosting 120 people at a "post-wedding party", in breach of Covid-19 legislation
28 Sep 2020

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