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About the Nationally Accredited Programme

The Registrar General’s nationally accredited programme for Registration Officers is an NVQ-style modular programme of self-directed learning.

The broad principles are:

  • 4 core modules -  Customer Service within a registration environment, The relationship between Local Government and the Registration Service, Using IT in the Registration Service, Delivering Registration services (births, deaths, still births, marriages, civil partnerships, certificates & counter fraud and ceremonies);
  • each module has a number of units and learning outcomes;
  • the candidate demonstrates competence in a number of ways and presents a portfolio with their evidence;
  • most of the work required to be assessed is "on the job", but also requires the candidate to complete their own learning, perhaps outside the workplace;
  • the candidate's work is assessed by a competent assessor and once approved and completed a certificate, approved by the Register General or his/her representative is awarded.

The programme is designed for people currently working in the Registration Service. This is not a qualification for those wishing to become a Registrar outside of Local Authorities.

For more information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions.

The recently circulated Cohort 9 Comms 

How to apply

For more information and to apply to become a candidate, please see the candidate information pack and application form.

Please view more information here NAP


For assessors 

For more information and to apply to become an assessor or IV, please see the assessor information pack, IV information pack, Assessor and IV application form and IV Role Profile


To access the e-Porfolio for current NAP students. https://system.learningassistant.com/login/login.cfm?ID=LRSA