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Nationally Accredited Programme for Registration Officers

Nationally accredited programme for registration officers (NAP) 

Due to Covid-19, NAP Cohort 9 and the assessor and internal verifier training event have been postponed until the Autumn.

The Registrar General’s nationally accredited programme for registration officers was launched in April 2013 and has seen 7 cohorts join the programme. The qualification, which is accredited by City and Guilds, has been jointly developed by GRO and a sub group of the National Panel for Registration and sponsored by the Local Registration Services Association (LRSA).

Next cohort

The next cohort, cohort 9, will be launched in May 2020 and registration officers are now invited to submit applications to be part of this cohort. The closing date for applications is Friday 28 February 2020.

Assessors and Internal Verifiers

The programme is also now looking for new Assessors and Internal Verifiers to support candidates throughout the qualification.

A training event for new Assessors and IVs, will take place on Wednesday 1st April 2020 at GRO, Southport. There is no fee for this training event; however, travel and subsistence expenses should be met by the Local Authority.


The enrolment fee is £400 per candidate, if your local authority already has an identified Assessor and Internal Verifier available to support them (if need be subject to training, as above).  LRSA will provide a subsidy of £100 for a single candidate from a member authority. The fee to undertake the qualification would not be required until May 2020.

Where a candidate is applying without an identified Assessor or Internal Verifier, the National Qualification support team will attempt to find and allocate an Assessor and / or Internal Verifier. This cannot be guaranteed and in instances where an Assessor or IV cannot be found, a candidate would be unable to commence in cohort 8. Where an Assessor or IV can be found from another local authority the National Panel for Registration has agreed that there should be a standard charge to cover the costs involved and which should be applied consistently across the country. These costs for the two-year period are:

Assessor:              £1,000

Internal Verifier:    £600

The candidate enrolment fee of £400 is due when the candidate begins the qualification. Any additional payment to another local authority for Assessor or Internal Verifier support would be due on a quarterly basis as the candidate progresses through the qualification.

Further information

There is further information on the LRSA website where you will also find application forms which must be submitted by Friday 28th February 2020.

If you have any further questions please email GROTrainingandBusinessImprovement@gro.gsi.gov.uk

To access the e-Portfolio for current NAP students https://system.learningassistant.com/login/login.cfm?ID=LRSA 

This is what some of our candidates, assessors and IVs have had to say about their experiences of NAP.

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How to apply

For more information and to apply to become a candidate, please see the candidate information pack and application form.

 Please view for more information here AboutNAP

For more information and to apply to become an assessor or IV, please see the assessor information packIV information packAssessor and IV application form and IV Role Profile