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Wendy Morgan-Brown



Wendy has worked in local government since 1993 where she started in the Highways Department at Oxfordshire County Council before moving to work for the Director of Social Service.

Wendy Morgan-Brown

In 2006 she was successful in becoming the Registration Service Manager at Buckinghamshire Council where her first tasks were to move to a single district and move the Registrars into local authority employment.  Within a couple of years Wendy also took responsibility for the Coroner Service just as the Coroner’s Officers were moved from employment by the police to the local authority. vices.  She took a role in the Registration Service in Oxfordshire in 1997 shortly after it moved from eight districts to one, to establish and develop the processes and governance for the service and interface with the Council.

With a few years’ responsibility for archives and culture, Wendy’s role is now Head of Registration, Coroners & Trading Standards at Buckinghamshire Council.

Wendy has always been engaged with regional and national work for both registration and coroners.  She was chair of the Fees & Funding Working Group for the National Panel for Registration; she is now Vice-Chair of the Panel and holds the remit for UKV&I work as well as being the Panel representative on the LRSA.

Wendy is the chair of the South East Registration Board, South East Panel rep and currently chairs the Southern Region Coroners Managers Group

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