Local Registration Services Association

Shoib Ahmed

Shoib Ahmed joined Camden Registration Services in 2009 as middle manager and later became the service manager. Shoib's position within the Local Registration Services Association is in business development. Shoib has a distinct approach to service delivery utilising his analytical contract management background with strong focus on delivering high quality customer service.

Under his leadership Camden registration service has been transformed, modernised and is a high performing central London Registration Services. Camden registers in excess of 10,000 births pa and is the 2nd busiest registration service in London for birth registration. It is a key partner in providing full range of nationality products on behalf of UKVI, such as SCS, NCS, JCAP, EPRS and NDRS.    

Shoib is committed to driving service improvements and sits on Local Registration Services performance working group representing London along with GRO, which report to National Panel for Registration. He is a senior manager in the customer services division of the corporate services directorate in Camden. Under his leadership Camden registration services is one of few registration services who are completely digitally enabled with a comprehensive online service offer.