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LRSA Conference 2021

This year's event took place in Birmingham on 10 and 11 November 2021.  For further information please visit our Events Page.   If you would like to register your interest for the LRSA Conference 2022 please email admin@lrsa.org.uk and we will be in contact with you once details are available.

Marriage Schedule System & Immigration Act changes (Clergy Only)

To all Clergy and Authorised Persons, please log in to the secure area of the website  (in top right-hand of this page) by entering the Email address and password you have been provided with, click on Log In and then click on the relevant page from the list below. 

For Clergy

For Authorised Persons 

Immigration Act changes (Clergy Only)

If you are having difficulty logging in please email lrsaadmin@tsi.org.uk


The Local Registration Services Association (LRSA) has been established to represent and co-ordinate the interests of its members on a national level.  Its objectives are to assist and support service managers, enabling them to deliver efficient and effective registration services to their local communities, whilst continuing to develop service excellence and share best practice.

Click on Executive Committee to find out 'who we are'.


Covid-19 Wellbeing

These are certainly unprecedented times and everyone will be dealing with the crisis in a different way.  The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has developed a Covid-19 section on its website to help its members and the wider trading standards profession during this time, not only in relation to consumer protection but also a wellbeing section.  CTSI is happy to share this information with LRSA and its members - the wellbeing section contains information on lifestyle, entertainment, education, couselling and support. 


Please view the COVID-19 Wellbeing page on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website.



Award winners from the LRSA Year Ahead 2019 Conference