Local Registration Services Association

Quality Service Awards 2012


This award is intended to honour an individual who has made the critical difference between a good service and an outstanding one.  We had a number of applications from colleagues in this area and it’s obvious to us that there’s much good work and practice going on in the world of Registration. 

Our winner for 2012 was Sharon Crews from the Isle of Wight Council who was nominated by Chris Matthews for her sterling work when disaster struck at one of their approved premises.  Well done Sharon for an amazing demonstration of determination and commitment to the job.  All of our 2012 shortlisted candidates are summarised below:

Amanda Sykes and Janet Swift
North Yorkshire County Council

Amanda Sykes and Janet Swift from North Yorkshire County Council were nominated for their roles in the implementation of a new electronic diary system for the county, following its procurement from Zipporah. 

This project required a review of all procedures behind the diary function and booking process and like many things, was more complex that initially anticipated.

North Yorkshire County Council now has one e-diary with the system being used for all appointments and ceremony bookings.  The system can be used by the public as well as partners and Customer Service Centre staff.

Amanda and Janet have demonstrated a commitment to the project, promoting team work and staff motivation through change, whilst establishing excellent links with partners and stakeholders.

The implementation of the e-diary has made the critical difference between a good service and an outstanding one.

Nominated by Lesley Willetts.

Tricia Kirby
Northamptonshire County Council

Tricia Kirby from Northamptonshire County Council was nominated for her enthusiastic approach to a new voluntary Heath and Safety Co-ordinator role she has embraced.

Tricia is responsible for all matters Health and Safety for the Registration Service and its fifty members of staff.  Since becoming involved in what is a completely new area of work to her, Tricia has implemented many policies and procedures into the world of Registration.  Changes implemented include a review of marriage bag contents with the introduction of smaller registers for reduced weight, and first aid kits and personal alarms.  Risk assessments are up to date and all staff have received display screen and workstation assessments at all service points of delivery. 

Tricia has gone onto to take the position of Chair of the Northamptonshire County Council Health and Safety Committee.  It’s safe to say she’s embraced all matters Health and Safety.

Nominated by her manager, Robert Chadwick.

Vershela Devchand
London Borough of Barnet

Vershela has built up quite a fan base in the Nationality Checking Service world with her exceptionally helpful attitude and application meaning that customers request that she conduct their NCS appointments.

Vershela brings her warm and friendly personality to the Citizenship Ceremonies that she officiates at, ensuring all attendees have an extra special day that’s certainly one to remember. 

A popular member of staff with colleagues and customers alike, Vershela deserves recognition for her positive approach to work.

Nominated by Catherine McCarthy.


Sharon Crews
Isle of Wight Council

Disaster struck for a number of brides in waiting on the Isle of Wight when their dream venue was damaged in a major fire.

On hearing the news, Celebratory and Registration Service Manager Sharon Crews left her own Mothers Day celebrations to first contact the owners of the hotel to confirm the extent of the damage, liaise with GRO and then contact all couples who had ceremonies booked at the venue from 18 March to the end of August 2012.

Sharon became a one woman advice centre for the couples impacted by the fire, offering guidance on what each couple needed to do, how it could be done and providing contact details for all other approved premises on the island.

Sharon ensured all staff were briefed first thing Monday morning and aware of what guidance had been issued to couples.

No couple lost out on their special day and this proud statement is able to be made because of Sharon’s fantastic work. 

Nominated by Chris Matthews.