Local Registration Services Association

Quality Service Awards 2013

Working in partnership

Working in patnership winning entry 

Northumberland County Council showcased two partnership initiatives. One was with the Fire and Rescue Service which enabled registrars to operate a business as usual policy during extreme weather conditions.
The other initiative was a major marketing campaign to encourage more couples to get married in the County. The new brand ‘A marriage made in Northumberland’ was successfully launched and the whole programme was supported with a major 16 month marketing plan that included advertising events and social media; advertising on buses and the metro system in Newcastle and even a welcome poster campaign at Newcastle airport. Competitions including winning a wedding, wedding fares, virtual tours of wedding venues and many other promotional activities.

The judges were impressed with all our finalists and all showed considerable imagination and initiative. However, we had to choose a winner and the winner of the LRSA Partnership Award goes to Northumberland County Council Registration Service.


Innovation award winning entry 

A new nominee in this category was Westminster City Council. They have utilised the Microsoft One Note system as a means of communication within the team. They use this facility to ensure that important messages and information are relayed to all the team and more importantly that those messages are read and understood by all.
Messages can be posted by any team member and each is initialled and dated to confirm understanding. It can also be used to make comment and is in effect an on line forum for staff to convey information to everyone. There are pages which are used to display what each team member is doing which alleviates the need for an office white board. The system also has a knowledge base that can be used by team members to record unusual scenarios and advice received. The example in the application related to NCS and the advice given by the Home Office help desk which enables all staff to have access to this advice at the same time and without the need for e mail alerts. The recording of office processes and procedures on the system enables greater consistency within the team and the whole system has enabled all sorts of office information to be captured in one place.

The judges were impressed with all the innovations but there was a standout application as far as we were concerned. The winner of the LRSA Innovation Award in 2013 is Westminster City Council Registration and Nationality Service.


Individual award winning entry 

There was one outstanding nomination in the individual category. This nominee was brand new to the registration service in 2010 but has obviously made a significant contribution to the service in his area. He has certainly recognised that in order to be successful the Registration Service must be an integral part of the local authority and collaborative working with other Council departments is essential to ensure proper recognition and investment. In the words of the person who nominated this individual ‘his efforts and leadership should be acknowledged by the LRSA. Not only has he made a critical difference in helping us to deliver outstanding service, we feel that his vision and leadership and energy has undoubtedly helped improve the services sustainability in the long term’.

We have certainly decided that we will acknowledge this person and the winner of the LRSA Individual Award for 2013 is Andrew Lucas, Registration Service Manager and SR at Halton Borough Council.